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"One thing that sets OEC apart from other companies is the support from the leadership team to make innovation and growth achievable on an individual and company-wide level."

Mike Folk, Manager, Applications, Usability & Agile

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“As a full-time associate, OEC provides me with a Smartphone for both business and personal use.  Having constant mobile access enables me to stay in touch with important communications while out of the office." 

Nancy Dustin, Manager, Direct Sales

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“OEC allows us to give back to the community by providing volunteer opportunities, financial contributions, and support of charitable programs.  It’s great to know that leaders of the company are concerned about the community where we work and live and support our efforts to make a difference in the lives of those in need.”

Becky Littlejohn, HR Administrator

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"The onsite cafeteria is open most of the day for both breakfast and lunch, making it more accommodating and convenient than either a restaurant or fast food. The Chef is extremely personable, as well as an excellent chef, and always makes sure her clientele is satisfied."

Vikki Vaeth, OEC Performance Coach

Career Spotlight

Senior Microsoft Database Administrator

Senior Database Administrator
Position Summary
Drives and leads specific database architecture and design projects and objectives.  Serves as principle contact for various areas within the company and coordinates efforts to drive architecture plans and upgrades to achieve database goals.  Manages data stewardship of data, databases, and database servers.  Performs performance analysis and optimization to assure company achieves identified goals.  Complies with company database policies and procedures; drives creation and/or updates.  Coaches junior and mid-level database administrators.
Job Duties
  1. Drives and leads select database architecture and design projects, goals, and objectives.  Provides guidance to junior and mid-level database administrators as required to meet timeline and business initiatives.
  2. Serves as the principle contact for, and coordinates extensively with other areas of the company to drive architecture plans, upgrades, best practices to achieve database goals and objectives for OEConnection and its operations throughout the company.
  3. Designs, implements and manages data stewardship (rights, access, retention, security, encryption, etc) of data, databases, and database servers.
  4. Performs performance analysis and optimization on a proactive basis to assure company achieves targeted service levels, cost reductions, and maximum availability and resiliency.
  5. Installs, configures, and interprets the output of database management tools and queries, and translates into recommended courses of action; implements same to resolve or prevent database issues.
  6. Designs, implements, executes, and troubleshoots database backup and restore processes in one environment, or among several environments (includes development, QA, staging, and production).
  7. Creates, executes, and interprets results on ad-hoc SQL queries from simple to complex, and assists either junior or mid-level database administrators with same when questions arise.
  8. Monitors, interprets, and troubleshoots in-depth and/or complex SQL server health including database status, security, indexing, logging, and similar that affect performance, security, integrity, and/or availability.
  9. Analyzes, monitors, and troubleshoots in-depth and/or complex SQL database custom code and configurations including stored procedures, replication, SQL jobs, and DTS/SSIS packages.  Creates, modifies, optimizes, and controls custom code.
  10. Investigates, recommends, applies, and/or coordinates application of changes to SQL data, SQL databases, SQL server settings, instance settings, and database code.
  11. Identifies, recommends and champions improvements to database infrastructure that increases performance, reduces costs, improves availability, and/or provides more value to customers.
  12. Adheres to and complies with company database standards, policies, procedures, and best practices; drives creation and/or updates, as dictated by business needs.
  13. Coaches/guides junior and mid-level database administrators’ technical and business skills.
An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university with a focus in Information Technology/Science or related discipline; or in the absence of a degree, directly-related job experience in database administration where a number of years and proven knowledge may offset the degree requirement.  Certification in Microsoft SQL database or Microsoft Windows server, or related certifications preferred.
In addition to the education outlined above, at least 6 years of progressively responsible experience in Microsoft SQL Server database administration in a multi-server, multi-database environment.  Prior experience within OEConnection in a database administrator role is preferred to have full knowledge of database terms, concepts and db software installation/configuration.  Expert knowledge of the principles and practices of database administration including Windows Operating System software, terms, concepts, installation, and configuration and operational characteristics of Microsoft SQL Server database system.  Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; strong individual contributor and team player attributes when working on and/or leading projects within the department.  Ability to work cross functionally and communicate company database information to developers, management and/or executive team members and others as needed.  Thorough knowledge required of OEC business processes, projects, goals, objectives, constraints, and timelines to effectively meet department and company business needs.
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Manager, Infrastructure & Cloud Architecture

Position Summary
At OEC, we are focused on hiring motivated individuals with a drive to be on the technology cutting edge while helping change the culture of IT towards a more nimble and agile methodology. 
As the Manager of Infrastructure & Cloud Architecture, you will be responsible for leading a geographically dispersed team of system engineers and technical architects dedicated to continuously improving OEC’s value through delivering highly available service provider cloud solutions.
Job Duties
  1. Leads a team of engineers who are focused on planning, designing and implementing private and public cloud services, infrastructure automation, server deployments, and business continuity/disaster recovery.
  2. Inspires and drives forward collaborative strategic thinking. Ensures team delivers highly relevant, high quality, thought leading, actionable research output targeted at constituency roles.
  3. Collaborates with other cross-functional delivery, support and business leaders on business and Cloud projects or initiatives to align infrastructure with business goals.
  4. Collaborates on the integration of physical and application architecture through close teamwork with software architects, application developers, and infrastructure operations teams.
  5. Leads initiatives to maintain and operate a 24/7X365 high-performance, highly available infrastructure.
  6. Champions Agile and DevOps methodologies as a means to improve operational process and increase velocity of the team.
  7. Develops team’s predictive capacity and analysis skills to drive continuous improvement in the quality of forecasts and trends.
  8. Optimizes resource capacity management to maximize revenue growth and OEC’s financial performance. Provides budget input and validation.
  9. Contributes to corporate strategic objectives by optimizing team’s ability to support key initiatives for target roles.
  10. Develops and maintains operational procedures and service level goals meeting or exceeding business cadence and scale requirements with a professional level of work quality.
  11. Provides clear, accurate, timely, and transparent access to the performance metrics of the Infrastructure Engineering Team.
  12. Delivers innovation initiatives to drive new business revenue and projects.
  13. Drives, directs and ensures on-time and high-quality fulfillment of each relevant deliverables.
  14. Manages performance, drives a high performance, collaborative culture and oversee and manage remuneration across multiple geographies.
  15. Directs and assigns team resources to effectively respond to sales support and client engagement requests in a timely manner.
  16. Supports business development initiatives in collaboration with sales and product leads.
  17. Maintains and grows relationships with senior client executives.
  18. Hires, develops and retains top talent, managing a globally dispersed, remote team.
  19. Creates an opportunity for teams to focus on the work necessary to reach company goals, forcing out distractions.
  20. Manages incident, problem and change management procedures and reporting for services as required.
  21. Manages the quality, consistency, accuracy, completeness, and testing of infrastructure engineering related processes and documentation, disaster recovery plans, and business continuity plans.
An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university with a focus in Computer Science, Engineering or related discipline; a master’s degree is preferred. Or in the absence of a degree, related job experience where a number of years and proven knowledge may offset the degree requirement.
Experience & Skills
In addition to the education outlined above, a minimum of 6 years relevant experience and a strong technical background in the Cloud Service provider and Data Center infrastructure  (networking servers, storage, software defined ‘X’, integrated and hyper-converged infrastructures), with at least two years in a leadership role.  Knowledge of digital business and demonstrated expertise in areas specific to the Data Center infrastructure industry, interrelated technologies and trends in digital and cloud services, and related software technologies to lead relevant research coverage and grow business in this topic area.  Excellent people development and coaching skills with demonstrated ability to take concrete actions to deliver and inspire a team to achieve great things. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to communicate clearly and create an environment for effective communication, cooperation, collaboration, and conflict resolution.  Must be able to prioritize multiple, competing time demands and prevent bottlenecks, driving complex projects and task through to completion.  Demonstrates a high level of influence, negotiation and facilitation skills.
Travel for this position is rare 

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Sr. Product Specialist

Sr. Product Specialist
Position Summary
Independently develops and manages key/select external relationships. Develops business processes supporting the delivery of quality products to dealers, automakers, and new ventures.  Drives business processes through ownership for existing and new individual product lines to ensure successes.  Owns smaller company product initiatives and/or manages assigned projects with oversight of the product manager.  Leads process improvement for assigned products and shares innovations with company team members.
Job Duties
  1. Independently develops, nurtures and manages select relationships with OEMs, third parties and other external industry professionals which will supplement internal product information and company success.
  1. Delivers commitments through managing an assigned company project or by representing an assigned smaller company product, with oversight of the product manager.  As directed, assumes complete product responsibility including preparing product requirement documentation, managing projects related to the product, and developing and interpreting customer satisfaction surveys.
  1. Develops and delivers presentations to key constituents in order to drive awareness of product capabilities and new customer initiatives.  Delivers presentations and supports speaking engagements to drive customer awareness of product capabilities and new customer initiatives.
  1. Analyzes product and customer data and prepares reports in support of assigned products to drive new or improve current business processes.
  1. Performs ad-hoc market testing of new product concepts (“validation”) to assist in gauging market response and acceptance.
  1. Organizes and executes product launches.  Conducts quality assurance checks on products to determine if requirements are sufficiently met.
  1. Leads efforts, utilizing ideas from the sales and marketing organization to devise programs to up-sell and cross-sell customers.  Communicates programs and assists product specialist in understanding and applying program concepts.
  1. Provides special focus on customer product lifecycle management in handling programs to drive customer satisfaction.  Includes customer orders from enrollment, through activation and renewal, to eventual contract closure of product customers.
  1. Owns and manages special customer handling needs including items such as upgrades, downgrades, contract changes, and other requests that may require specific case-by-case treatment and processing.
An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university with a focus in Marketing or related discipline.  In the absence of a degree, directly-related job experience in product support and delivery, developing key relationships, and leading business process ideas, where a number of years and proven knowledge may offset the degree requirement.
In addition to the education outlined above, at least 4 years of progressively responsible experience in a product specialist role, with a successful history of developing and managing business processes that support delivery of quality products to a specialized customer base.  Demonstrated ability to interface with key customers and effectively represent OEConnection and its products, strong written and verbal communication skills, and a high level of analytical ability and business acumen.  A proven track record of developing and nurturing relationships, developing and delivering presentations, handling multiple priorities and leading other team members in new or revised business processes.  Knowledge of Microsoft Office products, especially Excel.  Champion the understanding of current and new products, upgrades, and concepts, applying information to meet project and customer needs.
Travel for this position is approximately 10% - 15% of the time, possibly 1 to 2 days each month.
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